reefs, reserves & rays

Without a clear conservation strategy and support this paradise will become just another South East Asian tourist destination suffering environmental degradation along with catastrophic consequences. The Kokotuku Sanctuary Consortium is completely and passionately determined this unspoilt paradise remains that way. And is only enhanced in the most sensitive, sophisticated and respectful manner. The sustainability of the nature reserves, its plans to rejuvenate and conserve the reef, sea life and wildlife protection is paramount. 



Several-hundred hectares of virgin land will be kept all-natural and untouched. Select locations within this area will be designated for low-impact nature tourism for visitors to view the natural beauty of Kokotuku. These areas will consist of low-impact environmentally designed structures with carefully laid out trekking paths through lush jungle leading to spectacular lookouts and mangroves.


reef and sea life

Plans are underway to create a marine protected area and to enforce the cessation of any dynamite and cyanide fishing . Also, to prohibit coral reef damage through anchoring and excessive tourism.


Fauna and Wildlife

To maintain and rejuvenate the plethora of wildlife in the Kokotuku, laws prohibiting the exotic animal trade must be created, implemented and enforced.