Conservation. Fun. Prosperity.

To achieve long time prosperity for Kokotuku by implementing a sustainable model for luxury travel and conservation that will only enhance the natural beauty and become the envy of the environmental sustainability for Asia and the world.


preserving kokotuku

In 2015, the Kokotuku Sanctuary Consortium was formed to preserve the area’s unique environment and wildlife through responsible stewardship of the land and seas.


The masterplan

The Consortium’s Masterplan (RTBL) outlays the highest priority to designate forestry preserves, restoration areas, electric-mobility zones, no-boating perimeters, mooring only policies, catch-and-release fishing practices, and extremely strict design requirements of all living developments.


a new standard for indonesia

This new standard in environmental sustainability is being viewed by the Indonesian government as a template for future developments that are ecologically significant and challenged through ever growing popularity for tourism. It will also allow access to travelers at a low impact to generate new income streams for the local population whilst maintaining and enhancing the natural surroundings - download