partner organisations

INTERNATIONAL SUPPORT IS NEEDED TO ACHIEVE OUR CONSERVATION GOALS.  WE actively seek companies and organisations that are willing to partner for the long term benefit of FLores and kokotuku.

If your organisation is able to lend expertise, time or resources to this worthwhile project we’d love to hear from you:


PT BITA Bina Semesta

PT BITA BINA SEMESTA is an Indonesian National Consultant Company specializing and supporting Kokotuku in planning and environmental studies for infrastructure and urban development, natural resource development, and low impact sustainability. BBS Clients originate from the public and private sector in both state owned and multi-national companies. They are regarding as the foremost consultant in planning developments in Indonesia, boasting successes such as Nusa Dua, Bali and Mandalika, Lombok.



Re>Pal is a global company using state-of-the art technology to create industrial strength shipping pallets from 100% plastic waste. The company’s production facility in Easy Java manufactures products from low energy and environmentally responsible process, following a strict zero waste policy, creating more sustainable logistic supply chains worldwide.