where the pacific meets the indian.

Kokotuku. 20km from Labuan Bajo, West Mangarrai, Flores, Indonesia. This unspoilt paradise is at the gateway of the Komodo National Park – a UNESCO World Heritage site. A natural wonderland and underwater paradise. It’s where the cool waters of the Pacific Ocean meet the warmer waters of the Indian Ocean making it home to the world’s largest biodiversity of marine life. There are reefs that contain more species than the entire Caribbean.

For centuries tribes lived here alone and villages could only be reached by traditional boats called Phinisis. Formerly, a Portuguese colony, and en route to the spice islands, this piece of paradise that seems so distant and mythical is now only an hour flight from famous Bali and in danger of mass tourism and its impact on nature.



by land and sea

The Indonesian government has created a plan to increase tourism be creating "10 New Balis" with West Manggarai as one of their prime destinations. Infrastructure, roads, ports and power-plants are on the agenda bringing major international investment and development into the area - not always for the best. The Kokotuku Sanctuary Consortium and its consultants are assisting the local government and stakeholders with expertise and advise how to achieve their goals without destroying Kokotuku's natural beauty, with intelligent road alignments being of special focus.



Kokotuku features and immense variety of natural beauty and landscapes, including 18 beaches. From the two kilometer tropical Dongaland Beach named after the gigantic Dongalan trees that grow on its shoreline and overhang the sandy beach to the white sandy beaches of Sebabi and Pasir Panjang.



Among the fairly dry coastline of West Mangarai, Dongalan Bay in Kokotuku is a tropical Microclimate with beautiful little Riverstone filled creeks running down the mountain into lush Dongalan Beach. Fresh water expels from tiny wells on the beach, natural wells throughout the bay and a vast variety of trees from rare blackwood to huge mango trees that carry up to 500 mangos is season make this a small enclave untypical for the area.



Kokotuku Bay is a mangrove haven, a breading ground for all marine life that needs special care and protection. Over three km of Kokotuku coastline are framed by mangrove forests. An educational Mangrove Walk is one of the long term plans of the KSC.


Caves & Cliffs

Small caves under the cliffs were still home of Komodo Dragons 15 years ago as reported by the local fishermen. They are now extinct in the area and can only be found on the islands of Komodo and Rinca 30km away. The untouched cliffs of Medang Island are a breeding ground for many different birds and its resident white head eagles.