Friends of kokotuku

International support is needed to achieve our conservation goals.  We are humbly inviting conservation experts, celebrities and leaders that share the same ideas to become a ‘Friend of Kokotuku.’

If you are able to lend your expertise, time or influence to this worthwhile project we’d love to hear from you:


Ilio Ulivi

Entrepreneur and pilot, Ilio has created success on many fronts and in several countries. Today, most of his attention is directed to leading cinema locations and development in the United States. President, Silverspot Cinema


Akasha Modesta

An environmentalist and self-proclaimed Flores addict, Akashas aspirations to help the environment started at the University of Hawaii while studying environmental studies. She loves diving and taking photos when visiting Kokotuku.


Pastor Marselinus Agot

Catholic priest Marsel Agot is well known and respected for his conservation efforts. Marsel was awarded the NTT Lifetime Achievement Academia Award in 2014 for his environmental initiatives in Flores. Pastor Marsel supports our efforts wholeheartedly.


Asli Gedik

Investment banker turned influencer with a life mission to protect abused and endangered species. Asli’s goal is to reinstate the importance of animal wildlife preservation worldwide. Founder/CEO, Wild@Life



Dr. Syamwil is a professor at Institute of Technology Bandung Department of Architecture, and teaches at the Master Program in Development Studies at the same university. He lends his expertise to Kokotuku in the area of sustainable development.


Zee Polidori

Passionate about nature, ZeeZee is a regular visitor to Kokotuku. She has seen virtually every coral head and explores every reef crevice in the area. A natural explorer and traveller, she enjoys spending her time at Cheateu Marmont, KuDeTa, and Kokotuku. Founder/Creative Director, ZeeBoutique


Nikolaus Von Sandizell

With a passion to educate the world on the on marine heritage, Niko’s vision is to start a marine museum in Kokotuku educating locals and visitors on the history and future of our oceans. Founder/Director, ARQUEONAUTAS


Gail Elliott

An English fashion designer and former supermodel that visits Kokotuku often and loves our community upgrade and conservation initiatives. Founder/Creative Director, LittleJoeWoman


Paul Hilton

Award winning conservation photojournalist with a present focus on the manta and shark fin trade, palm oil and wildlife crimes. Owner/Director, Paul Hilton Photography


Prof. Dr. Christian Bauriedel

Christian is the professor of Environmental Architecture at Augsburg University and oversees a Masters Exchange program with Udayana University. His Master students facilitated a feasibility study on Kokotuku supporting the vision for boating tourism in the area.


Selin Maner

A fourth-generation architect, Selin earned a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Cornell University, and a Master in Advanced Architectural Design from Columbia University, receiving awards for exceptional merit from both institutions. Director, Selin Maner Architects


Claus Sendingler

A visionary and trendsetter in the hotel industry who believes in Kokotuku. In 2002 Condé Nast Traveler named Claus in their Top 50 list of world tourism experts, in the category of most creative and innovative international tourism entrepreneurs. Founder/CEO,


Salah Izzedin

Salah is an international investor, innovator and restaurateur. With a passion for culture and hospitality, Salah was an immediate fan of Kokotuku and has big plans for the area.


Regina Schulze-Boysen

The daughter of a diplomat Regina spent her life traveling from an early age. She visited Bali for the first time in 1975 and has started several successful businesses supporting the local people since. When she is not relaxing and enjoying time in Bali, she escapes to the remote beaches of Kokotuku.


Mark “Otis” Zownir

Otis is a former banker that led teams in Asia’s leading markets for nearly a decade. Since leaving banking he has founded several businesses and now focuses on private real-estate investments in developing markets.


Andrew Jacobs

Andrew is an Australian global hotelier and early adopter of the spectacular beauty of Kokotuku. Spending the last 25 years in the Mediterranean region he is now running one of the worlds coolest resort Hotels & Beach Clubs. Andrew is a recent investor and intends to spend part of the year in Kokotuku, “the future is Flores!”


Geoff hayward

An avid sailor and major-player in the Australian hospitality sector, Geoff is sure to be a staple at the Kokotuku Bay Yacht Club and Marina in years to come. Geoff spends several months sailing the Mediterranean and through the emerald waters of Indonesia each year, finding inspiration wherever he goes.