Coral Guardian Restoring damaged coral reefs in Remote Island


Labuan Bajo, Flores Today - Related to the global warming and ocean acidification, decades of dynamite fishing, the use of chemicals, sewage and agricultural run-off, plastic debris and poor or inactive governance are decimating coral reefs within the world’s epicentre of marine biodiversity, who threat  the of hundreds of thousands of coastal communities who rely heavily on coral reefs for both food and income, a French nonprofit organization, already exist in Labuan Bajo, Flores East Nusa Tenggara Timur, Indonesia.

The organization came up  to coral reef conservation and community empowerment. They have embarked on a small-scale coral reef restoration program – and it’s proving remarkably successful.

Conservation Action Trust in Ocean Views, Adam Cruise and Leïla Ezzat note  on their writing, Juni,14 2017  that  Nowadays, the fishing village on Seraya Besar have embarked.

Acoording to them, reclaiming the marine environment bring the good impact  ecosystem welfare and human livelihoods for a much wider region, including positive impacts on UNESCO World Heritage sites in Komodo National Park.